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Harness the Power of Google Reviews


I once heard from a marketing mentor of mine that” You can never have enough people saying good things abut your business”. It is especially important to have these reviews listed on your company Google My Business page.

Why you ask? It’s simple. In an age over over promising and under delivering, many people rely on customer reviews and product/service endorsements from internet influencers. (We’ll deal with internet influencers in a later article).

People love to connect with people as they feel less stressed about making a financial decision when choosing a business provider once they have related to customer reviews. Everyone has had moments when they feel uncertain about a purchase or choosing a new service provider. Reading relatable customer reviews helps people make informed decisions when committing to that new purchase or service.

One of the questions that I do get about Google reviews is why are they better than customer reviews that I post on my company website? That’s easy. To post a Google Review someone wanting to do so needs to have a Google Account and fill out the profile information for that account.

Google also takes great pride in verifying these accounts and verifying Google Reviews are from real people and not robots.

Customer reviews listed on a company website could be legitimate or could be fabricated to help make the business look more credible. The only verification process for these reviews is the company posting them, hence why I refer to have my clients provide feedback for my services as Google Reviews.

I recently worked with an electrician who was looking to generate more leads for his business and the first thing that I had him do was send a Google Review link to 100 of his customers. He received a little over 50 awesome reviews from satisfied customers, and his organic search engine listing soared to number 1 in local searches for electricians in his city.

His online ranking went up, and calls increased all because people read some of the reviews that were on his Google my Business page.

This is an incredibly powerful, and cost-effective way, to not only boost your online rankings, but get calls from more qualified customers to increase your business.