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Business Rescue

Definition: What happens when a company is in business rescue?

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The aim of business rescue is to restructure the affairs of a company in such a way that either maximizes the likelihood of the company continuing in existence on a solvent basis or results in a better return for the creditors of the company than would ordinarily result from the liquidation of the company.

At Lime Tree Media we embrace the idea of helping a business restructure so that they can stay in business! Our theory is that if we can assist a company to stay in business then that company can
continue to employ people who will be putting money back into the local economy. If a company closes, then all the employees become unemployed then they utilize employment services in the community,
and typically draw from unemployment insurance. That takes money out of the economy and does not guarantee that the unemployed individuals will be able to find suitable employment soon. Keeping
people employed is always our preferred option.

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What we do:

Triage: We look at all aspects of a struggling business to determine if there is any financial bleeding taking place, and if processes can be streamlined to save the company money.
Planning: We present business owners with solutions that can be executed quickly to improve employee morale and business processes. Maintaining employee morale during periods of business instability is critical to ensuring that employees continue to provide customers with the same level of exceptional customer service that they are used to when the business is flush.
Integration: We integrate ourselves inside the company in roles that improve cashflow such as chasing delinquent accounts and invoices and improving sales channels.
Building: We build trust in our clients by demonstrating that we are as committed to saving their business as they are. We also look at building skills in existing employees so that they feel invested in, and committed to working hard to improve business processes and sales.
Recommendations: We continually provide our clients with a variety of options so that they have the information that they need to make timely business decisions that will continue to salvage the business.
Stepping back: We ensure that we build processes and sales channels that ensure internal capacity is developed in a business so that we can step back and maintain a more consultative role as the business gets back in the black.
If you have a business that could use some help from people who care about your business as much as you do, then you need to give us a call. There are never any charges for initial consultations here at Lime Tree Media.