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Thoughts on Threads


We all know the Twitter we once knew and loved has been through the ringer and we’ve been on stand-by looking for a suitable replacement. Mastodon wasn’t it, Clubhouse is slowly failing and BlueSky…wellthe jury is still out at LimeTree for Dorsey’s BlueSky venture. So…is Threads going to fill our twitter void? We’re not so sure.


A quick overview for you before we spill the tea. Threads is brought to you by Meta – the company that owns Instagram, which is convenient because Threads and Instagram are highly integrated. Essentially, Threads works by building on your existing Instagram account. With the tap of your smartphone you can download the app, link your accounts and port over your exiting followers – so you start out with a following instead of starting from scratch. Sounds appealing, right?

This compatibility also lends itself to familiarity. Threads looks like Instagram and Twitter had a beautiful aesthetically pleasing baby. With the look of Instagram and the feel of twitter, using threads feels intuitive. One difference that Instagram fans might notice right off the bat, though, is the fact you can share your IG posts on Threads, unlike twitter.

What We Noticed:

Like Instagram, algorithm is everything. Even though you import your followers, we found that our newsfeed was mostly made up of people we didn’t follow, and while we were scoping out what other users were experiencing it was similar – some of our feed was from verified users and others were accounts we had never heard of. As we continued to use Threads, it learned a bit about our preferences, but not enough to convince us that the algorithm wasn’t majorly in play. (Marketers, be warned).
Also, there’s no sliding into someone’s DMs on Threads – if you wanna shoot your shot, you’ve gotta head right on back to Instagram.

Who’s Using Threads?

Well, Forbes reported that as of July 10 th , 2023 over 100 million users have joined the platform. From what we can see, many of these are marketers and businesses, and the regular Joe. We’re missing some major celebrity presence on the platform right now.

Will we be recommending Threads for our clients?

There have been so many platforms coming and going, but Threads has been highly highly marketed – you can see that in the type of users that have signed up. Businesses, influencers and marketers jumping at the chance to reach audiences in a new and exciting way. But, is it beneficial? We think there is a solid opportunity right now to double down on your content – post to Instagram and share to Threads, and while people continue to sign up the algorithm might work in your favour and land you in front of some people who you’d miss on Instagram. But as a medium all on it’s own…we’re a little wary. The idea of not being able to delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account is a red flag for us, and the lack of hashtags makes finding your audience a challenge. Ultimately, we’re undecided.

Stick around as we play with Threads to see how to use the platform to better your business. And until then, we want to know, will you be signing up?