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Social Media Manager Vs. Social Media Strategist. Which one is for you?


So, you’ve written the business plan, narrowed your niche, had your launch and now you’re working the day-to-day…but did you factor in all the time and skill it takes to manage your social channels? In today’s world, social media management needs its own well researched and planned out strategy. But as the primary business operator do you really have time to do it justice?

So, if you – like many other entrepreneurs – decide to outsource your social media marketing there are few things we’d like you to consider while you’re researching different social media management packages but if you take away one thing from this blog post that is:

Not All Social Media Managers Are The Same

As you start to do your due diligence, you’ll find a few different terms being used to describe those of us who can assist with your social channels and probably a significant difference in fees. That is because of the skills we bring to the table. Titles like Social Media Manager and Social Media Strategist are often confused or used interchangeably, but the work we do is just not the same.

Social Media Manager: So, what does a Social Media Manager do? SMMs will execute a previously drafted social media strategy, and work on the day-to-day management of the page, like responding to comments, building community etc. Often times SMMs don’t draft a strategy but are excellent at implementing yours! So if you’re a strategist and all you need is someone to monitor and manage your page, schedule content you create and keep engaged with your community an SMM is what you’re looking for!

Social Media Strategist: On the other hand, a Social Media Strategist is trained to create a social media strategy will keeping the end goals, implications and branding in mind. They’re who you want if you’re starting from scratch with your socials. But, SMSs often don’t offer the management piece of things, so keep that in mind. SMSs will give you the tools, but you’ll be executing a well thought out plan.

Both roles are key to a successful social media presence and business owners will benefit from one, the other or both depending on their needs! What is important is YOU knowing what YOU need and expect and you’re onboarding a social media agency so you get the support you and your business needs.

At LimeTree media, you get both! We can work to draft you a strong social media strategy that you can implement, you can use our SMMs to manage your pages for you or you can tap into our expertise and we can give you our white glove service, building you a social media strategy specific to your business and brand and executing it with ease.

Curious about what we can do for you? Send us a message and we’d be happy to chat!